Community Event: Ferndale Chamber Announces 7th Annual Makayla Street JAM 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

The Ferndale Chamber has announced the 7th Annual Makayla Street JAM 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in downtown Ferndale, WA.

The tournament is Saturday and Sunday, August 3 & 4 and is open to K-Adult teams. Sign up for the tournament opens Saturday, June 1 and closes Sunday, July 28, 2019.

This “Hoopin’ for a Cure” event is held each summer in honor of Makayla Nicolaas and raises funds to fund a cure for pediatric cancer. Makayla passed away in July 2012 of Lymphoepithelial Carcinoma.

Makayla’s Street JAM is held in downtown Ferndale between the Boys & Girls Club and the Senior Center. There is plenty of parking, convenient restrooms, an onsite DJ, a variety of food vendors, and a Silent Auction. The location is within walking distance to nearby restaurants and businesses. This event is a fun day for spectators and participants alike, so stop by for some hoop action that honors the memory of “one tough competitor” who’s passion for the game lives on.

Since 2012, with generous community support, the Makayla Street JAM has raised and donated $114,000 to Strong Against Cancer at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

For general information, sponsorship opportunities, an ongoing blanket donation drive (over 500 to- date), and registration visit the web site. or follow on Facebook @makaylastreetjam3on3.

Meeting My Neighbors: Sara Fassett

Name: Sara Fassett Family Member Names: Jordyn Fassett (daughter) 19; Taylor Fassett (son) 17 Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?” This is such a big question!  As I would imagine it is for many people, I feel like my life has gone through so many transformations that have brought me here today.  I would like to talk about what has brought me to where I am right now and why I am so excited about it. When our family moved to Ferndale, we bought our house right up the street from Mountain View Elementary where both kids would go. What an amazing school and I am still sad it is gone.  However, back then it was a fabulous place for my kids to be.  I started volunteering right away and came to know other parents, the teachers, staff, and other volunteers.  A few years in, I got involved in the volunteer Art program.  Funny because I am not artistic at all. Seven sets of portfolios with 5 different artists would travel throughout the Ferndale elementary schools.  Art docents (parent volunteers) would teach about each of the artists in the classrooms with projects for each.  By the time a child left 6th grade, they would have been exposed to 35 different artists!  All shared by volunteers.  At Mountain View, our program would end with the Art Fair where we showcased the art the kids had created throughout the halls and at the Fair itself.  I so wish this program was still in happening…I took over the program for the last 3 years before Mountain View closed and it was through this that I met and got to know Bertella Hanson who was the backbone of the program in the school district. Flash forward to 2016 – I was just getting back into real estate and working at Rockwood Realty on Main Street.  One day, Bertella walks in!  It had been years since I had seen her and she was inviting us to be a member of the Ferndale Downtown Association  (FDA).  I was happy to see her and of course we joined.  Through this and my association with her, I started becoming more interested in what was happening in our Downtown Ferndale where I now worked.  I got more involved and then met Kelsey Rowlson with the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce.  We partnered up to go around visiting the business around town on behalf of our different organizations.  It was so eye opening to chat with local business owners and hear their thoughts, both positive and negative.  I love to talk with people and I felt like this was a way I could make a difference and help bridge a gap I saw.  I was invited to be a Chamber Ambassador and then approached as a potential Board member and was elected in 2018.  In the meantime, I was appointed to the City of Ferndale’s Parks, Recreation, & Trails Advisory Board (PRTAB). I feel so fortunate to be a part of the all 3 organizations that are working together to make sure Ferndale is a thriving, vibrant part of the greater Whatcom County community where people want to come live and do their business.  We have a truly wonderful group of folks throughout our city organizations who only want the best for Ferndale and I am so grateful to be a small part of it;) What brought you to Ferndale? When my daughter Jordyn was approaching Kindergarten in 2005, we were living in Bellingham.  I remember driving around one day and seeing a group of high school aged kids wandering downtown when school was in session.  I had this epiphany that I wanted to raise my kids in a smaller town and started asking everyone I knew where they went to school and what they liked about it.  I had so many people tell me how much they loved going to Ferndale.  Not one negative opinion!  This was the telltale sign for me that this was where I wanted to raise my family.  And although my superficial reasons for wanting to move make me laugh now (Bellingham is a great town as well ) I am so grateful we made the decision to move our family to the Ferndale community.  Right from our first days here, we felt welcomed. I have always told people one of the greatest things about this town is the sense of community.  I know that if I ever needed anything, there is somebody I know who would be there or point me in the right direction.  I am blessed to be here and so happy to involve myself and my family in the process of building up our city.  I am so excited to see how we will proper and evolveJ How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor? Our family moved to Ferndale in 2005. Best Ferndale landmark? My favorite landmark in Ferndale is the fountain at Riverwalk Park!  What a joy it is to drive over that bridge and see the water dancingJ Often times with the kiddos of Ferndale splashing and playing.  Parents get to sit and chat while watching their children play and the town pass by. The moving water feels like something alive greeting people as they come to town…a little cheesy but think about it next time you see it crossing the bridge, lol;) What is your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale? I have a number of them!  Art Fairs at Mountain View, camping out at the ball fields for my son Taylor’s baseball tournaments, having the community come out for our Ragnar team (Van-Go!) as we ran through town, Ye Old Fashioned Christmas every year with the kids even when they were too old for Santa…my favorite for myself was helping set up and work with the vendors at the Chamber of Commerce Ferndale Street Festival last year.  It was such a joy to get to know new people, help answer their questions, and make sure their Ferndale experience was the best it could be while contributing to the biggest event Ferndale puts on every year.  I really felt like I was a true member of the communityJ  I am looking forward to another great event this summer! Who should we meet next? I am sure I am not the first person to suggest her but Anya Milton is an incredible woman and I would love to hear more of her story!

This is Ferndale: Cedars Restaurant

The last in our little series highlighting local landmarks, today we are sharing Elise King’s favorite- Cedars in downtown Ferndale. According to the Cedars website, the restaurant has been around since 1909. This spot is a hometown favorite featuring all the comforts diner food offers with friendly staff who treat every customer like a “regular.”

To see menus, hours and more information:

Who visited Cedars over the three-day weekend?

This is Ferndale: Tennant Lake Fragrance Garden

This little feature is inspired by Maralise Fegan who told us that the Hovander Fragrance Garden was her favorite Ferndale landmark.

We visited on a beautiful day, climbed the Tennant Lake Tower and were treated to the most spectacular view.

If you visit – stop and smell the roses (and all of the other magnificent flowers).

The Fragrance Garden is the perfect spot to slow down and wander!

This is Ferndale: The Big Red Barn

A structure lovingly referred to as the “Big Red Barn,” was built in 1911 and still stands today. Beautiful and full of history. When I looked up into the wooden eaves I couldn’t help but think that this building is every bit as magnificent as the churches that grace towns throughout our country.

As we meet our neighbors, we’ll also visit their favorite landmarks whenever possible. The visit to the “Big Red Barn,” was inspired by Anya Milton who said it is her favorite landmark in Ferndale. Thanks, Anya!

Meeting My Neighbors: Erin Gunter

Name: Erin Gunter

Family Member Names: Husband Jeff of 22 years, son Cody-19 years old, Kyle 16 years old.

Story: I moved up to Bellingham in 1988 to attend WWU.  In my junior year I met Jeff.  He was already graduated and working as a real estate appraiser when we started dating.  Once I graduated I decided to stay up here and see what happened.  We ended up getting married in 1997, and  built a house in Ferndale, on Fat Dog Lane.  We eventually ended up in a neighborhood and have loved watching our kids grow up here.  We have lived in Ferndale since 1999.  During our time here I have worked for Fred Meyer for 22 years and also was a Para Educator Sub for the district.  Working in the schools was a great way to get to know our staff and teachers.  We are very lucky to have great people who love our children in our schools.

Favorite Ferndale landmark: Pioneer Park.  We have gone to Old Settler’s events and Old Fashioned Christmas for as long as I can remember.  My husband was on the Old Settler’s Committee for a few years as well. We are lucky to have a place like that right in our back yard.

Favorite Ferndale Memory: One of my favorite memories was taking the boys to Hovander Park.  Back in the day when they were little they had a gum ball machine that sold grain to feed the animals for 25 cents per turn.  Cody and Kyle would love getting a handful of food and feed the ducks, turkeys, goats, peacocks and whatever other animals they had at the time.  Today I take a lot of family and senior pictures at Hovander, it is a great icon of Ferndale.  In my spare time I am a photographer, I can be seen at sporting events, plays or any cool activity Ferndale has to offer taking some pictures.  Taking pictures makes me happy, great way to connect with people!

Who should we meet next? So many great people to still meet!  Try connecting with Fran Genger, Laura Joseph, Stephanie Honrud. and Kristi Harting. )}},rem

Meeting My Neighbors: Jason Dahlstrom

Name: Jason Dahlstrom Family members: wife Crystal, son Jaxon 14, son Boomer 12, daughter Ellie 8

My Story: I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 4026 in Ferndale. My family has been hugely impacted by Scouting and as such, we put a lot of time and energy into the program. Every Monday night we meet and work on teaching 11-15 year old Scouts how to be good leaders and citizens. I absolutely LOVE it! Seeing the young men in our community learn from each other, have fun, and build lifelong relationships are the highlights for me. I think every young person needs a team working for them to succeed. I’m happy to be a part of a great team working for that cause. I’m a cheerleader. I’m that guy in the crowd clapping too loudly and yelling my kid’s name. Or your kid’s name. I love celebrating successes.

What brought me to Ferndale: I moved to Ferndale to get a fresh start. As a 15 year old, I was fed up with the toxic environment that I had grown up immersed in. I had a friend who had moved to Ferndale and invited me up. I became an emancipated minor and put myself on a better path. This community was exactly what I needed.

How long have I been in Ferndale: It’ll be 23 years this fall. I lived in Everson for a couple years and spent a year in Lynden (Sorry, we all make mistakes).

Best Ferndale landmark: I love Central Elementary. The building is classic, the location is great, and the people inside that building are all-time great Ferndaliens.

Best Ferndale memory: My first winter here there were 10′ drifts near Pioneer Center. My friend and I spent hours digging tunnels through those drifts. Also, my junior year, FHS football took second in state!

Who should we meet next: Kathy Jeffries, Central Elementary darling.