Meeting My Neighbors: Erin Gunter

Name: Erin Gunter

Family Member Names: Husband Jeff of 22 years, son Cody-19 years old, Kyle 16 years old.

Story: I moved up to Bellingham in 1988 to attend WWU.  In my junior year I met Jeff.  He was already graduated and working as a real estate appraiser when we started dating.  Once I graduated I decided to stay up here and see what happened.  We ended up getting married in 1997, and  built a house in Ferndale, on Fat Dog Lane.  We eventually ended up in a neighborhood and have loved watching our kids grow up here.  We have lived in Ferndale since 1999.  During our time here I have worked for Fred Meyer for 22 years and also was a Para Educator Sub for the district.  Working in the schools was a great way to get to know our staff and teachers.  We are very lucky to have great people who love our children in our schools.

Favorite Ferndale landmark: Pioneer Park.  We have gone to Old Settler’s events and Old Fashioned Christmas for as long as I can remember.  My husband was on the Old Settler’s Committee for a few years as well. We are lucky to have a place like that right in our back yard.

Favorite Ferndale Memory: One of my favorite memories was taking the boys to Hovander Park.  Back in the day when they were little they had a gum ball machine that sold grain to feed the animals for 25 cents per turn.  Cody and Kyle would love getting a handful of food and feed the ducks, turkeys, goats, peacocks and whatever other animals they had at the time.  Today I take a lot of family and senior pictures at Hovander, it is a great icon of Ferndale.  In my spare time I am a photographer, I can be seen at sporting events, plays or any cool activity Ferndale has to offer taking some pictures.  Taking pictures makes me happy, great way to connect with people!

Who should we meet next? So many great people to still meet!  Try connecting with Fran Genger, Laura Joseph, Stephanie Honrud. and Kristi Harting. )}},rem

Meeting My Neighbors: Dianne Gillespie

Name: Dianne Gillespie

Family Member Names: Gavin-1989 Ferndale High School Graduate and owner of Natural Art Landscaping. Noah is almost 20 years old! A 2018 Ferndale High School graduate. Noah is just finishing up his first year at Central Washington University where he is studying History/Social Studies teaching. He hopes to return to Ferndale High School to teach someday! (Hint, hint Jeremy)
Reese will be 18 this summer. He will be a Senior at Ferndale High School next year. He is very active in the Leadership program, sports, Young Life and the Customs Border Protection Explorer program. He will attend Whatcom CC after graduating. Reese will pursue a career in Customs and Border Protection and hopes to live here locally.

Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?” I am a Whatcom County transplant! I was born in beautiful Hawaii, moved to Groton, CT as a child and then to Kennewick, WA- which is “where I’m from”!! Those of you who know me know that I am always cold, and I believe it’s because my thermostat is set a little different having lived in warmer climates!!!! After graduating from Kamiakin High School I attended Wenatchee Valley Community College where I played basketball and softball. It is also where I met Gavin! I graduated from Western Washington University and have lived here ever since! Gavin and I married in 1994. Gavin started our business…Natural Art Landscaping the following year. I spent many years working at Northwest Podiatric Lab in Blaine in their tech department (let me be clear….I gave Drs. product advice…I did not work on computers!). After we started a family, I continued to work full time. When the kids started elementary school, I decided to work part time at the lab…. traveling once a month to trade shows. I did this for several years. I always volunteered in the classrooms and was active in the PTO. That led to me being a para educator substitute and then a para educator. I have worked in several different schools in the district. I currently work in the office at Vista Middle School and I also supervise before school, after school and at lunches. This by far is the best job ever! I get to help so many different people in the office….and then I get to go out with the kids during lunch and play and interact with them!!! There is a lot of football throwing that goes on…I love throwing the deep balls to the boys! I also work “in the office” at home doing the paperwork for our Landscaping business. I am still active in sports (basketball is my favorite!) and I love going to Ferndale sporting events and will continue to after Reese has graduated!

What brought you to Ferndale? Gavin! He has lived in Whatcom County most of his life. After I graduated from Western, Gavin and I lived in his family’s farmhouse-just west of Horizon Middle School where the housing development now sits. We bought property in the county and built a house that we moved into the day after Reese was born (NOT a plan I recommend to anyone!….it was just how it worked out!). We still reside in that house…. we hope to downsize in the next few years and stay in the area.

How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor? Since 1992

Best Ferndale landmark? Point Whitehorn Nature Trail. The whole family loves that place. An easy walk through the woods down to the beach…. where it is so quiet and beautiful.

What is your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale? I really think the best memories have come working in the school district. I have met so many kids, teachers, parents, staff and coaches throughout the years. I love seeing the kids years later and getting hugs from them or a “Hey I remember you from Eagleridge!”. It is so fun to watch kids grow and learn.

Who should we meet next? There are a LOT of people I think you should meet!! Sara Fassett, Shannon Wanlin, Sandy Peppar, Fran Genger, Marty Moravec, Jana Hatchett, Erin Gunter, Heather Leighton, Jamie Thomas, Sam Wood, any teacher/employee in the district for that matter! If you need more…. there are so many more wonderful people to meet!!

Meeting My Neighbors: Hannah McBride

Name: Hannah McBride

Family Member Names: Aurora, Kaina, Trinity

Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?”
I was born in the Seattle area, moving to live as a missionary kid in Thailand and Costa Rica at age 6. We moved to Lynden when I was 15 and I attended Lynden Christian High School. The traveling I did as a kid fostered a love for other cultures and their foods and customs. I speak Spanish and practice with most Spanish speakers I meet. I have worked in the dental field for over 20 years and am currently taking my prerequisites for the dental hygiene program which has been a goal of mine for many years.

What brought you to Ferndale?
I have lived in Whatcom county for many years and when buying a house, we liked the location of Ferndale and the centralized location and ease of getting to Bellingham.

How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor?
We have been in Ferndale for 4 years

Best Ferndale landmark?
Hovander Park and Tenant Lake

Your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale.
We have made so many good memories here, from watching the Pioneer Days parade to field trips at Pioneer Park and walks at Hovander.

Who should we meet next?
Ashley Rounds and Jennifer Grahame.