Meeting my Neighbor: Marty Moravec

Marty Moravec
Marty and Colleen Moravec at Disneyland


Marty Moravec

Family Member Names:

Colleen (though she is originally a Lynden Lion, yuck!)

Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?”

I’m a proud FHS graduate, Vista Viking and Custer Cougar. I’m now in my 3rd year teaching Leadership at FHS. I love my job and the amazing students with whom I work.  I am blessed to continue building on the strong leadership foundation Mr. Brudwick laid in his 30+ years at FHS.  The most fulfilling aspect of my position is the level of passion at which my students work for what they believe in.  FHS Leadership’s purpose is to serve and enrich the lives of others.

Outside of FHS, I am known for my love of Disney, Legos and my cat. Some of that I really play up because it is incongruous of what one would expect from someone my age. I like to challenge conventional assumptions and thinking.  There is always more to every story.

I appreciate my tumultuous life journey.  It has helped me develop a deeper and more authentic empathy and understanding for others.  Again, there is always more to the story.

What brought you to Ferndale?

I was 16, a sophomore in high school, when I vowed to Mrs. Mary Seilo (legendary FHS teacher/mentor/life-changer) that I would return to Ferndale to teach. I am in my 13th year with the district.  That is a vow I intend to uphold.

How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor?

I have been an engaged and active member of the community my entire life. I can’t think of my life without Ferndale.

Best Ferndale landmark?

FHS Band and Football field on a crisp Fall Friday night.  I love how much our diverse community supports our students. 

Your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale.

My most nostalgic and strongest memories stem from my time as an FHS student. My life was shaped so much by the amazing teachers I had from Mrs Seilo (journalism: life-saver, life-changer) to Mr. Benoit (math: clever and challenging) to Mrs. Hawkinson (theater: set an example for me on how to love students unconditionally), Mr. Adams (health: I always looked forward to his class and stories), Mr. Genger (history:  engaging and genuinely cared for everyone), Mr. Kriskovich (Government: creative and inspiring) and everyone in between.

My proudest memory is more recent. I am so happy our neighbors demonstrated their continued support of FSD in 2019 by voting yes on the bond.  It is needed to ensure an environment that is conducive to students developing college and career readiness skills in the 21st century.

Can we use your photo on the blog/ social media?


Who should we meet next?

I would love to see some of FHS’ students and their work highlighted. The work they are doing is incredible and should be recognized.

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