Meeting My Neighbors: Erin Gunter

Name: Erin Gunter

Family Member Names: Husband Jeff of 22 years, son Cody-19 years old, Kyle 16 years old.

Story: I moved up to Bellingham in 1988 to attend WWU.  In my junior year I met Jeff.  He was already graduated and working as a real estate appraiser when we started dating.  Once I graduated I decided to stay up here and see what happened.  We ended up getting married in 1997, and  built a house in Ferndale, on Fat Dog Lane.  We eventually ended up in a neighborhood and have loved watching our kids grow up here.  We have lived in Ferndale since 1999.  During our time here I have worked for Fred Meyer for 22 years and also was a Para Educator Sub for the district.  Working in the schools was a great way to get to know our staff and teachers.  We are very lucky to have great people who love our children in our schools.

Favorite Ferndale landmark: Pioneer Park.  We have gone to Old Settler’s events and Old Fashioned Christmas for as long as I can remember.  My husband was on the Old Settler’s Committee for a few years as well. We are lucky to have a place like that right in our back yard.

Favorite Ferndale Memory: One of my favorite memories was taking the boys to Hovander Park.  Back in the day when they were little they had a gum ball machine that sold grain to feed the animals for 25 cents per turn.  Cody and Kyle would love getting a handful of food and feed the ducks, turkeys, goats, peacocks and whatever other animals they had at the time.  Today I take a lot of family and senior pictures at Hovander, it is a great icon of Ferndale.  In my spare time I am a photographer, I can be seen at sporting events, plays or any cool activity Ferndale has to offer taking some pictures.  Taking pictures makes me happy, great way to connect with people!

Who should we meet next? So many great people to still meet!  Try connecting with Fran Genger, Laura Joseph, Stephanie Honrud. and Kristi Harting. )}},rem

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