Meeting My Neighbors: Melinda Cool

Photo Credit: Amy K Photography

Name: Melinda Cool

Family Member Names: My husband Sean, and my two sons, Guyan, a senior, and Owen, a freshman, at Ferndale High School.

Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?” I like to get involved with my community. When we moved to Ferndale, I was intent on making sure I built a local social network for our family (we had moved from Everett, with most of our friends in Edmonds). That started with MOMS Club, where I made some very good friends. As my kids moved into school, I became very involved with fitness and running, and have made even more friends in those circles. Finally, I’ve become more active in elections and causes like the recently passed school bond, and have expanded my social circle even more with the people I’ve met while giving back to our community.

What brought you to Ferndale? My husband and I met in 1998 while working at the Meridian Haggen. We moved to Seattle after getting married for his graduate school at UW, and knew we wanted to move back to Whatcom County. At the end of Ski to Sea weekend, 2004, he found an ad for a position that suited his talents, and the rest is history!

How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor? Since August 2004

Best Ferndale landmark? I’ve always loved Hovander…but with the recent murals, in which my oldest son has played a big part, they’ve become my favorite landmark—especially the Vista Water Tower.

What is your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale? For the past five or six Thanksgivings, our family has put together a Turkey Trot in the Pacific Highlands neighborhood. It’s 100% donations to participate, and all donations are given back to community charities, like the Ferndale Food Bank or the Senior Center. Each year it has grown, and for the past two years we’ve raised over $1,000 each year for Ferndale charities. It’s my favorite day of the year, and makes me so thankful to live in Ferndale.

Who should we meet next? The Ferndale Library has been a big part of our family’s life here in Ferndale. I think we should meet Patty Zanin, an employee at the library, or Sarah Koehler, the Library Manager.

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