Meeting My Neighbors: Connie Faria

Name: Connie Faria Family Member Names:  Brian (husband of almost 25 years), Alexander (18) – Senior at FHS, Isabella (16) – Sophomore at FHS and Cameron (10) – 4th Grader at Cascadia.  Also Baker – (3) – Black Lab/Great Dane Mix Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?” After meeting and getting married while in the Air Force almost 25 years ago, Brian and I settled down in Whatcom County.  Although I’m originally from CA and he’s from NY, we visited the PNW and knew it was where we wanted to live.  We settled down in Ferndale in 1999 and started our family in 2000. I got involved in the community right away.  I got involved with the North Bellingham MOMS Club and co-founded the Ferndale chapter soon after. It was my saving grace as a Stay-at-Home Mom and my closest friends came out of this group. I also went from attending storytimes at the Ferndale Library to  eventually being a Volunteer Toddler/Preschool Storytime Leader for six years.  I volunteered at my church (St. Joseph’s) lectoring and helping with Jesus Day Camps. I branched out into civic duty and served not the Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory board and eventually ran for City Council where I served four years.  My husband had an amazing job opportunity which moved us overseas to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.  We moved our family of five overseas and had enjoyed five amazing years filled with travel, great education and wonderful opportunities.  When our time was finished we returned to Ferndale to our same fantastic neighborhood. I jumped back into volunteering shortly after and was appointed to the Ferndale Planning Commission and became active with the School Bond campaign. I’ve always believed that it’s important to get involved in your community in whatever capacity you can and it’s been great to see my kids start to do the same.  My oldest has been involved with DECA, Theater, Soccer, Leadership and more. What brought you to Ferndale? My husband originally got a job with US Customs in Blaine.  We lived in Bellingham but when it was time to buy a home, we liked the small-town feel of Ferndale and the housing prices were better! How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor? We moved to Whatcom County in 1997 and Ferndale in July 1999.  It’s been almost 20 years! Best Ferndale landmark? I love the Tennant Lake Interpretive Center and Boardwalk.  Technically it’s part of Whatcom County Parks & Recreation but it’s just down the road.  I think that Pioneer Park is an amazing landmark.  We never miss a Christmas at Pioneer Park! What is your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale? There are so many.  Pulling my kids in a wagon during the Junior Parade for Old Settlers Pioneer Days, story times filled with 50 kids singing/bouncing/reading along, my neighborhood’s Easter egg hunts when my kids were little, watching my oldest stand up for himself and his classmates during the walk-out after bond originally failed (even though I’ve always thought walk-outs aren’t the best way to go – I saw my son be outspoken and eloquent in his reason and 100% believed in his reasons), taking morning walks in the rain with a dear friend and solving all the world’s problems while doing it, having a blast with friends at the Barn Dance at the end of Pioneer Days, countless birthday dinners at Chihuahua’s with friend’s wearing the sombrero hat, Friday night lights at FHS, I could go on…. Who should we meet next? So many people……thinking of some of my favorite memories though….Jodi Hoppins – one of my first Ferndale friends!

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