Meeting My Neighbors: Anya Milton

Name: Anya Milton 

Family Member Names: Steve, Elka and Birgit

Tell your neighbors a bit of your story. What makes you “you?” I’m an advocate and an activist. I suppose I always was, but I really began to believe it when our first child was diagnosed with Autism. I knew I had to advocate for her… And then I realized that her peers needed advocacy and then people on the margins did too. I fight for what’s right. I listen to those who need to be heard and speak for those who can’t. I work to instill change and I walk with those who struggle with it. I sit in awkward space with people and I cheer them on. More than anything, I’m welcoming and invite all in. There’s nothing worse than when someone feels so disconnected and disenfranchised that they feel like the don’t matter. 

What brought you to Ferndale? My spouse, Steve was hired on at Samson Rope and we chose to live in Ferndale because of housing affordability and the School District. 

How long have you been a Ferndale neighbor? Since 2005

Best Ferndale landmark? The Big Red Barn! (Hovander Homestead Park)

Your favorite memory from your time in Ferndale. Walking my 14 year old daughter into the FHS gym on the first day of high school in 2017. I fully anticipated her being completely overwhelmed and instead, she was welcome by a group of sophomores who knew her by name. They were cheering her on and high-fiving her on the way in. I could not help but burst into tears when I experienced just how inclusive and welcoming these students were. By far one of my favorite moments where I felt that Ferndale Pride! 

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