Meet my family.

I’ll start this project by introducing myself and my family, Jeremy, Erin (me), Griffin, McCoy, and Josephine. We are the Vincents and we are Ferndale Neighbors.

We have lived in this beautiful corner of the country since 2015 when we moved up to Ferndale from Snohomish County. Jeremy is an educator and had been a teacher before we moved to Ferndale for his first job as a school administrator. Erin is an artist and writer and currently works in school district communications.

And, of course, you have to meet the kids! Griffin just turned nine and is a third-grader at Skyline Elementary in Ferndale. McCoy is five and is just finishing his last year of pre-school before he joins his big brother at Skyline for Kindergarten in the fall. Two-year old Josephine rounds out the group. If you meet her she will make sure to mention her “puppy” Rose an Aussie-doodle who typically spends time chasing birds at home.

Now…a little about this project.

I believe that story reminds us that we are all in this together. Story shows us what we have in common. Story makes us feel connected. Story creates connection. Story helps us develop empathy. I want to share the stories of my neighbors and friends in Ferndale, WA. I hope you follow along as we connect with eachother.


    • Hi, Margie! I am so glad you enjoy it. It’s a fun project and a huge pleasure to share people’s stories like this. Do you live in Ferndale? If you are ever interested in sharing your story, I’d love to feature you! Best, Erin


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